What You do: 

Gather Information - 
In order to make the best, most informed decisions, you need complete information.  Research your opportunities by looking at our website, our YouTube page, give us a call, or send us an email.  Ask us anything, we are here to help.  
Visit The Switch Lab Website -  
Make A Decision - 
Making the decision to Make The SWITCH         is the first step in starting your new business.  It, like all first steps, is critical.  This program has many rewards, in order to be successful it is up to your to realize your potential.  As a business owner it is imperative you have the drive and motivation to succeed.
Complete Your Application - 

Once you have completed the initial short form application and reviewed the program it is time to complete the Switch Partner and Credit Applications.  After you have submitted your Switch Partner and Credit Apps your final step is scheduling your Switch Partner Training. 

Schedule Your Training Visit - 
We hold partner workshops quarterly and more often when needed.  This workshop consists of the standard 4 day instructor workshop plus one extra day to complete the custom partner training.
Purchase Your Switch Training Vehicle - 

At last you have reached the final and most exciting step, the purchase of your Switch Vehicle, training and demonstration tools.  Everything required to begin scheduling and completing workshops and sales demonstrations will be provided by us.

  • Complete Switch Vehicle

  • Tools (as required)

  • Student Relay Lab Kits

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Instructor Assembly Manuals 


Not ready to purchase  a starter kit?  We can help by providing a loaner vehicle, supplies and even an instructor to help you see the potential as a Certified Switch Lab Partner.


What You'll Need:

Customer obsession -  

Every customer is your most important customer!   
Persistence -
It can take seven contacts with an individual to make a sale.  Don't stop at six.  Doesn't mean you have to be a pest, but just keep moving forward. 

What We do: 

Get you started - 
We have  been providing workshops and selling The SWITCH Lab for 5 years.  We know how to recruit instructors and sell the program.  We are prepared to show you the ropes and provide everything you need to succeed.
Join us for a rewarding and profitable adventure.  
Provide Training -
We have taught wood shop, auto shop teachers, computer programmers, Maker Space instructors, men, women, 8th graders, Electrical Engineers along with many others how to make electric vehicles.  Our program of instruction works.  We will share our method with you and facilitate your first workshop to assure your success.
Additionally we will show you how we market and provide you with a forum for dedicated partners like yourself to share ideas and resources.  
Provide A Comprehensive Tool Kit -
If you don't have tools we can provide you with a list of what you need or provide the tools to you.  Not just the workshop tools are included, we include marketing tools, templates for proposals and the tools you need to run your business.
Support When And Where You Need It -
  • We provide SalesForce to track your communication with customers and to send correspondence through.
  • We will attend your first workshop to be sure you are successful. 
  • We will support you and your customers when they build their Switch. 
  • We can handle the registration, confirmation and billing for your workshops, including invoicing your customers directly for The SWITCH Lab sales.
Share Our Experience -

We have been building electric vehicles for over 10 years.  Initially we converted gas (ICE) vehicles to electric then we designed and built The Switch

A Vehicle for Education

Let us help you to help others experience the thrill of building their own electric vehicle.


 Leadership - 
You are leading teachers, students and your staff into new and unfamiliar territory.  You can do it, we can help!
 Resilience - 
Some days will better than others.  Remember the good ones so when a bad one happen you can remember why you are doing this.

Questions? Ready to start?

Send us an email and we'll help you select the kit that is right for you.

Or call us now at