The SWITCH Lab...

... consists of three primary components:     


Workshops  - The SWITCH Lab workshops are designed for individuals who want to learn more about electric vehicles (EV's).  Participants are taught about the components that make up an EV and the technology that makes electric vehicles such an important piece in the future transportation puzzle.

The Switch Lab workshops attract international instructors


Instructors and individuals have traveled from England, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada and France to attend our Electric Vehicle workshop.  Nationally we have had participants from Maine, New York and several other states participate.  They came to California because we offer the training they needed to bring EV Education to their part of the world.


Lectures, Lesson Plans and Textbook  - The SWITCH Lab includes 40 hours of lectures that allow the instructor to include topics such as environmental issues related to internal combustion engines, how much energy it takes to drive a 4,000 pound car up a 5% incline at 60 mph, in their lesson plans.  From the materials provided, instructors can determine the type of course they intend to teach and have the resources available, to get them up and teaching as quickly as possible.  Included are lesson plans, research assignments, homework Q&A and PowerPoints to discuss all of the above.

Labs - Our labs will be beneficial to instructors who want to include an EV section in Alternatives Fuels courses, engage students in the design and construction of vehicles, or even create a full semester program with the EV as the focal point.  The primary lab assignment is building The Switch electric vehicle, there are also several other lab assignments included such as the Student Relay Lab, the Battery Lab and soon The Wind Tunnel Lab. 


Included for instructors are these three basic elements:               

  • Training for Instructors

  • Curriculum for the Classroom

  • Lab work for the Students

The SWITCH Lab was designed to allow the instructor complete flexibility in how they teach electric vehicle technology in the classroom.  We provide over 40 hours of lecture material and 40 plus hours of lab projects, including the assembly of The SWITCH electric vehicle.  Instructors can include our lectures as presented, pick and choose between which lecture material to use, add to what we provide, or create their own.  The class can be taught as an intense two week summer program, a 17 week semester program and anything in between.

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