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Is there anyone in our area using The SWITCH Lab?

When we host a workshop it is held at our production facility in Sebastopol, CA,  We also do the partner training in Sebastopl as well.

Partners are creative.  If you have a shop you can hold your workshops there, all that is required is the workspace and a door wide enough to drive The Switch out.

We recommend establishing a relationship with your local high school or community college and hosting workshops there.

Where are workshops usually held?

Good question.  Depending on the queue it is anywhere for 30 to 90 days.  There are several factors that impact delivery such as shipping, inventory and number of orders ahead of yours.


It is best to start the proces as early as possible.

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How long does is take to receive our order?
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YES!! There are several purchase options.


I'm an expereinced EV instructor, can I just buy the SWITCH?

Our curriculum has been approved in California as well as several states across the US.  We have been used in Junior Colleges, high schools and even middle schools.


Working on a national list, keep watching.

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Is The SWITCH Lab approved curriculum in my state?

Call or email me and ask.  We are working on our network to allow The SWITCH Lab Instructors to collaborate via the net, not there yet but soon.


In the meantime give us a jingle and we will help anyway we can.