The Switch Lab workshops attract international instructors


Instructors and individuals have traveled from England, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada and France to attend our Electric Vehicle workshop.  Nationally we have had participants from Maine, New York and several other states participate.  They came to California because we offer the training they needed to bring EV Education to their part of the world.

A Certified Switch Lab Instructor: 

A Certified Switch Lab Instructor (CSLI) has demonstrated their commitment to electric vehicle education by attending one of our 5 day Instructor workshops and passing a written and practical test covering the design and building of The Switch electric vehicle. 


The testing process consists of two tracks.  The first track is demonstrating the ability to complete the building of The Switch in a group setting, just like the workshops we currently provide teachers and individuals. The second track is the written phase of the testing process.  It addresses the key points presented during the lecture portion of the workshop.  This portion of the testing is "open book" as participants are allowed to use their notes while completing the test.

Our goal for the testing is to identify the important elements of the workshop and help our CSLI candidate gain the confidence to lead workshops.

The Process to become


  • Submit the "Short Application" indicating your interest.

  • Receive and review the complete description of the CSLI process, your commitment requirements and potential earnings. 

  • Schedule and complete our one week workshop and pass the EV test!

  • For a list of scheduled workshops and itinerary check the Workshop page  "Workshop Schedule" 

  • Register with us and we will post your bio on our CSLI page.

Options as a CSLI:

  • Recruit students for workshops you wish to lead in your territory

  • Contract with other CSLI's or Authorized Partners to lead workshops

  • Contract with The SWITCH Lab to lead workshops 

  • Enhance your opportunities by becoming an Authorized Partner