Authorized Education Re-seller

  • An Authorized Education Re-seller (AER) has demonstrated their commitment to electric vehicle education by attending one of our 2 day AER workshops.

  • The AER workshop will introduce you to The SWITCH Lab, provide experience with the Switch Lab 4 Day workshop and provide some hands on assembly experience.  You will meet The Switch Lab team and learn the history, goals and objectives of the Switch Partner program.

  • You will be provided with collateral materials, leads to sales opportunities, and training on our methods and systems.

  • As an AER you will be provided with a Salesforce seat licence and we will train you on how we use Salesforce in our processes, how you will be able to track your sales, customer inquiries and even technical support issues.

The Process to become an AER:

  • Receive and review the complete description of the AER process, your commitment requirements and potential earnings 

  • Schedule and complete our 2 or 5 day workshop


  • For a list of scheduled workshops and the itinerary check the Workshop page  "Workshop Schedule" 

  • Make your decision regarding the level of AER you think best matches your current situtation

Options as an AER:

  • Recruit students for workshops you wish to hold in your territory (workshops are a GREAT way to market The SWITCH Lab)

  • Contract with CSLI's to lead workshops (or become one)

  • Contract with The SWITCH Lab to lead workshops 

  • Enhance your opportunities by purchasing a Switch Vehicle to use for demonstrations.