Own Your Success

The SWITCH Lab       partnership will help you achieve financial independence without leaving your day job.

Our program combined with your enthusiasm and the hottest trends in education will enable you to earn upwards of $100,000 a year, while maintaining your current employment.


The SWITCH Lab Advantage:
    Low Startup Costs -
Start your business for as little as $2,000.  Don't have it?  With your good credit, we can help.
    Electric Vehicle Experience Is
    NOT Required -
We teach teachers and we can teach you too!
    Focus On Teaching, NOT On Sales -
Our approach is to teach.  Once educators see and experience The SWITCH Lab first hand, sales take care of themselves.  80% of teachers who have experienced our workshop proceed to purchase The SWITCH Lab.
     Support When You Need It -
We will assist you every step of the way, co-teaching workshops with you until you are ready to lead on your own.  Switch Vehicles will market the workshops in your area and provide materials for your events.  We will be there to support you and your customers should you need us.
    Deliver Excellence -

Switch Vehicles is committed to delivering the best product, service and support.  Together we can deliver Electric Vehicle Technology to your community. 

The Model:
You attend a one week orientation training at our facility is Northern California.
You purchase your SWITCH Vehicle for workshops, events, trade shows and presentations.
Together we plan your workshop schedule and market to your region to begin filling workshop dates.
You hold workshops and introduce educators in your community to the electric vehicle.
You plan your event calendar to show The SWITCH Lab to educators at trade shows and other venues and repeat the cycle.

"Best Classroom Project EVER!"

Electric Vehicle Kits for DIY

We are looking for hands-on leaders who love to teach and are willing to to go the extra mile to reach their goals.

Using our low key, educational approach to introduce The SWITCH Lab to educators, will lead to early adoption and implementation of an emerging technology field.

Teachers want to teach what they have been taught to teach.


Step one - Teach them about The SWITCH!  Hold a workshop!

The SWITCH Lab is perfect for you!

We provide everything you need in our all-inclusive kit:


Complete Chassis - fully welded and ready for assembly.


The Business Model - Training - PowerPoint Lectures


All the wiring is cut to length, terminated, labeled and even color coded for easy assembly.


All parts are provided - brakes, suspension, seats, lights, even the wheels and tires!


DMV registration is a snap because we provide detailed instructions.


We have been teaching high school students how to build The Switch for years, now it's your turn to join the fun!


This is a fantastic project!


    "...taking this class really helped put these ideas in a way I could see how they impact my life".

     "Attendance is much better for students taking this class, no one wants to miss anything". 

     "We use the vehicle to recruit students, they take a look at it and know they want to build it"!


- Instructors on how The SWITCH Lab impacts their class

      "I really like this program.  It allows students to build the vehicle and drive it in one semester.  Doing this in one semester is important."



- Instructor after experiencing the program